I cant believe I forgot to post this one! I painted this just after seeing httyd2

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In celebration of the new episode, heres a cute little chef Earl Harlan doodle

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Guess what anime Ive gotten into lately

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And now everyones favorite angel!

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More Good Omens! Now with everyones favorite demon before becoming as much of a demon

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I bought a new book just for water colors, and I made a Kevin on the color testing page

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Ive gotten back into one of my favorite fandoms again, Good Omens!

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tags: i drew this because tony + tony the clock + dont hug me im scared + dhmis + elly doodles +

My super cool friend Riley got me into Avas Demon recently, and I had a mighty need to draw the sad tree man uwu

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Do you believe in a smiling god? 

inspired by freedomconvicted’s  design

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